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Trixx rants on new Toronto station G98.7FM

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TRIXX is quickly making a name for himself as one of the top comedians coming out of Toronto. His hilarious antics on and off-stage have spawned city-wide catchphrases (“Gimme yo shit!“) and even parody rap videos. He can be seen cutting up cheesy artists on Video on Trial and has hosted some pretty major events, like Battle of the Beat Makers. Needless to say, Trixx has a definite place in the city’s Hip-Hop scene as a cultural commentator and maybe even pop culture expert. During a recent tour with Russell Peters in NYC, Trixx took a moment to air out his thoughts on the buzz surrounding Toronto’s brand new urban radio station, G98.7FM. The station, which is gearing up for its official launch this month, announced that it will be featuring many of the same hosts who were exiled from the air when Flow 93.5 changed up its programming in recent years. G98.7FM’s new lineup includes a morning show with Mark Strong and Jemeni, Soca on Sundays with Dr. Jay and a Reggae segment with Spex.

Some people are ecstatic about the announcement, viewing the lineup of hosts as a welcome return to Toronto’s airwaves. Others believe it’s time for some new voices to take the reigns. Trixx makes a case for the new station’s lineup in this six minute video titled Trixx Gone Wild.

“Here’s the thing,” says the 2011 COCA Comedian of the Year, “when Mark Strong and Jemeni got fired, the city was in an uproar. To this day the other radio station probably still gets phone calls about Mark and Jem not being there. Then, when Spex got fired and Dr Jay got fired and everyone lost their Reggae and Soca for the Sundays, people lost their minds. Now, here’s a station giving you back these people and people are complaining.”

Check out the full video, complete with the NYPD and overpriced drinks, below. What are your thoughts on the new station? Hit us up with your comments below!

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